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 The registration fee without accommodation & meals is € 125 per team. 

 The "accommodation/meals" pack includes 4 nights from the day before the tournament until Sunday.
                   Please note, this pack does not include Friday meals. On Friday, there are no games !!
                                                       You must plan your lunch and dinner.

 We have now reserved a group of accommodations in the vicinity of Wanze. We reserve the right of the specific allocation, in particular according to the number of people to house.You will find below the different accommodation centers that we invite you to visit :

Regarding "Pressoir" and the "Tahier" farm, yhe price will be calculed according to the number of people to host.

We do not provide travel between your accommodation center and the Wanze Omnisports Hall or airports, train stations and the city of Wanze.

 Here are the airports near Wanze :

                     Brussels Airport (+/- 1 our of Wanze)
                    Brussels South Airport : Ryanair  (+/- 40 minutes of Wanze)
                     Liège - Bierset (+/- 30 minutes of Wanze)
                    Maastricht - Aachen Airport : Netherlands (+/- 1 our 20 of Wanze)

 Here are the stations near Wanze

                     Huy Nord  (+/- 5 minutes of Wanze)
                     Liège Guillemins (TGV) (+/- 20 minutes of Wanze) 

 Friday no games - It's a free day to visit the region : here some ideas : 
 quelques idées :